Never too late to embrace something new… My Father-In-Law Peter is 86 years old… Pete has spent a good amount of time staying with us over the last couple of years, and whilst he never had an encaustic lesson, he’d seen enough of me at work to say… “Yes, I like the look of that. I’d like to give that a try at some point…”   True to his word, he did…. His bought himself an I-pad, got himself online, and started putting internet shopping to the test! He ordered himself an encaustic iron and some supplies and spent a great amount of time playing around and seeing what effects he could make.   The next time we visited, I was amazed, he showed me pages and pages of encaustic abstract works he had created.   All were either bound in very impressive presentation folders, or carefully mounted.   Pete, had well and truly caught the encaustic bug….! Read more →Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinyoutubeinstagram

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