If you ever visited my art studio, you may recall the way my studio was split into two, centrally down the middle.  During workshops, I often joked about not quite having enough space..... tongue in cheek saying.... if I edged that studio divider back, just half an inch per day, would my studio mate ever notice...?

Be careful what you wish for....

Just over three years ago I took the step to rent my studio... it was a big scary move, and I had no idea if I was doing the right thing... The past three weeks have seen another big scary move, my studio mate moved out quite suddenly at the end of January, and I was left looking at the prospect of sharing with somebody new, or perhaps, just perhaps, taking on the whole space.... Some fair amount of number crunching, and deep deep thinking later... I have taken the decision to take the whole space on...! I saw a quote at the start of the year that said.... "If your goals don't scare the life out of you, then they aren't big enough..."   Well, the studio is one of my smaller goals, so watch this space for the rest of the year!
Art Studio

Squished up Art Studio before

Art Studio After

Spacious Art Studio after

I've gone past the scared now, I am excited...!    I have had projects I've wanted to do for a long time, but in my previous set up, they often didn't work. I've struggled to photograph my work properly since I took the studio on... I now have the SPACE to set up my daylight bulbs, photograph my work, and style it to get a sense of proportion. (Okay, more work to do there, but it's a great start!)    This means I can FINALLY upload my work onto Artfinder, which I am currently getting through the backlog and adding more work to daily! IMG_9615 IMG_9613 IMG_9619 IMG_9618   IMG_9616 I've always been mindful of inviting people into my workspace on a regular basis... I can now have two OPEN DAYS per month, starting in March... Regular days where you can pop in, have a browse, buy cards, wax supplies, artwork, gifts, talk through workshop options, be generally nosey about what's going on, etc. EVERY FIRST WEDNESDAY 10am - 3pm EVERY THIRD SATURDAY 10am - 3pm This month, I am already booked for a Buckingham Beekeeping Event.   So... February's Open Day will be Wednesday 24th Feb.  10am - 3pm. My Open Days for the rest of the year are.... March:  Wednesday 2nd & Saturday 19th April: Wednesday 6rd & Saturday 16th May: Wednesday 4th & Saturday 14th June: Wednesday 1st & Saturday 18th July: Wednesday 6th & Saturday 16th August: Wednesday 3rd & Saturday 20th September: Wednesday 7th & Saturday 17th October: Wednesday 5th & Saturday 15th November: Wednesday 2nd & Saturday 19th December: Wednesday 7th & Saturday 17th To get reminders on your news feed, follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I have a snazzy coffee machine now, so you might even get a cuppa too...! My address is The Stables Studios, Studio 4, Pouchen End Lane, Bourne End, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP1 2SA.  If you can't find it, give me a call, 07976 700737. I will be updating new workshop dates and prosecco nights very soon.   Let me know if you have been wanting to join us, but can only do certain days, I will try and take those into account. One group of ladies recently booked a joint birthday celebration prosecco night... I supplied the equipment, drinks and nibbles.  They had a go at encaustic wax with the iron for a couple of hours and thoroughly enjoyed it.   (I think they hit the pub after!!)  They brought a cake, with candles, and we all sang 'Happy Birthday'...!    It was great fun, and something different to do for a celebration, which worked really well.   Contact me if you would like to arrange something similar. There's plenty more in the pipeline too.... 🙂 I really hope to see you soon! Best Wishes, Julie Ann.Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinyoutubeinstagram

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