Two years ago today I picked up the keys to my new studio….  I feel a rendition of “Happy Birthday to me…. Happy Birthday to me…” coming on….  After finally making the decision to rent a studio, and agreeing a moving in date, heavy snow halted proceedings meaning I couldn’t get my car up the hill.   Not to be deterred, I put my snow boots on, packed my backpack and hiked (well, more scrambled, very un-elegantly) up the hill.  Determined not to miss my first day in the studio, I headed off with my encaustic iron and hot air gun, a piece of cardboard and my box of waxes and papers to create my first pieces of art in my new studio… As soon as I walked into this big empty space, I was hit with this HUGE fear, WHAT DO I DO NOW…? New Studio 22nd Jan 2013 So, after much deliberating, I did what I went there for, I got my waxes out, I sat on my cardboard on the floor.   The pictures I created were hardly masterpieces, my hands and feet were so cold, I couldn’t feel a thing, nothing was really coming together, but I remember that day like it was yesterday… a small part of the big puzzle…. Today, two years later, my studio is full, (almost to brimming).    If I think too much, I’m still scared.   I try not to think too much, it’s easier.   I might not attain all of my dreams, but if I make half of them then I'll be happy with that.  All I know is that I'm loving the journey along the way and that's surely that's got to be the right way to go. Studio January 2015Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinyoutubeinstagram