Hi, I'm Julie... Julie Ann is the name I use for my business, as nobody can spell or pronounce my sir name Wrathall...    I'm an artist and I paint primarily with beeswax... known as encaustic wax art.

I create bright, vibrant abstract paintings, full of texture and interest, and more recently, been doing portraiture in encaustic wax.

I exhibit and sell my own paintings, sell encaustic wax supplies as they are so hard to come by in the UK, and run workshops in encaustic techniques, both in the real world, and online if you're unable to get to a real life workshop.  I also do demonstrations for art and beekeeping clubs.

Encaustic is a very versatile art form, allowing melted coloured beeswax to be manipulated into designs ranging from abstract through to fine portraiture, it's origins date back over 2,000 years, used in exquisite early Iconography and by the Egyptians, to create Fayum Mummy portraits.

It's the most beautiful, tactile, therapeutic material to work with, and I'm on a mission to share it with as many people as possible.....