Arts Encaustic & R&F Encaustic Wax Workshops.

Calling all artists, hobbyists, crafters, and anybody who thinks they can't draw a straight line, to actually get creative.   I can help you get over that fear of getting started, and cut through the confusion that comes with painting with heated wax, and all the tools that you may, or may not need. I will give you step by step guidance, to help you understand the How To's.  Get the best advice on where to start, and come away confident and happy knowing how to use your equipment, or just enriched by having experienced it first hand yourself. We will take you from 'I can't do that', to 'Wow, I can actually do this!' For more serious artists, let me help you cut through the confusion of the encaustic wax world.  I can help you save time and money on equipment choices, and ensure you fully understand the basic rules and health and safety aspects for you to set up your own wax studio and apply it to your own art techniques.

Studio Open Week in Chesham

I will be opening my doors for workshops and open days in Chesham from 20th - 27th August 2018.   Click here for details of sessions and open times.
I have colour coded the days:
Red = Sessions already booked, or studio closed.
Yellow = Studio Open, come and say hello, buy art, cards and supplies, or just have a nose around and find out more about painting with wax.
Please note, I can't take card payments at the studio.  Also, during Yellow open times, I must be strict with departure time where somebody has a session booked after, so please do bear those in mind when planning your visit.
Green = Workshops available to book.
Call or e-mail me to double check available spaces, then pay via BACS or Paypal. Payment needed in full to reserve your space, as I have such limited availability please.
These will be the only workshops I'm running for a while, so now is your chance!


If you want to arrange a gift for someone, you will be sent a tailored gift voucher, including name of recipient, details of what they will be doing, for how long, and how to book, etc.  This can either be e-mailed to you free of charge, or I can print, include an encaustic card for your own message and post to you for an additional £3.50. Buy generic gift vouchers, which can be used to purchase original artwork, encaustic workshops, or encaustic supplies.   Vouchers come in  £5, £10, £20, £50 and £100 options. I will e-mail you an invoice, with payment instructions on and send your choice of gift voucher upon payment.   Vouchers are valid for one year, and will be booked or redeemed at a mutually agreeable time in the New Year.

Additional information

Workshops are informal and friendly, suitable for adults and teenagers.  Tea and coffee are provided, and maybe some cake or some biccies if you're lucky! For one - four people per session. You can buy encaustic products through me, I have a fairly good supply in stock, of Arts Encaustic and R&F products, see 'Buy Wax Supplies' page.  


Workshops are held in an art studio in Chesham, close to the town centre.   (It is in an old Victorian building, with stairs, so please bear that in mind if likely to be a problem for anyone in your party.) If you have a suitable location and a small group and would like me to come to you, that can be arranged, subject to other commitments. Contact me for more information.  

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