This was written as soon as I got home…  The people I met, in the order I met them, I just had to get it all down onto paper! (Sorry if you're not a Periscoper, you will probably have no idea who these people are, but if you are involved in the Peri-verse, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!) Head is buzzing, so many people, so we had Clare Fielder, Melanie Bundock, Lisa Nicholls, plus some other lovely people at Clare’s afternoon networking meeting, I am really looking forward to finding more out about their businesses…   Then, it was then straight into the Peri-meet up… Starting off with Mark Shaw in the house - BOOM!!! Bit more mingling, LucySHall, a lady from Holland, who flew in especially for the meet up, she only scopes in Dutch though, so wasn’t looking for followers! Up the Periscope guy, ooh, we are already following each other, just didn’t know it - A face to the periscope logo!   Then people start to flood in, and I loose track of where we are.   Go up to the bar and see Angus Grady and Dickie Armour – it’s like we are all long lost buddies, yet we’ve never seen each other before!!!   Back down stairs we have Katia of Lunchpreneurs, whose birthday it is, so a round of ‘Happy Birthdays’ follows (it’s her partner’s birthday too, yet she’s chosen to be here!)   Flipping hell, more mingling, more people. MrASingh comes in, an artist from Birmingham and has a massive following. (My all time favourite scope of his, apart from his art scopes was walking around Banksy’s Dismaland, freaking hilarious!)   Then some Peri-big guns come in, Alex Petit, Dana Garrison, all proper lovely people. Victoria James quietly appears, her mind flowers scopes are beautiful, and her cocktail making not bad either! Orion, who scopes beautiful views of London was taking photographs of everybody to do a photo mash up of us all…. A couple more ladies at the end, we have exchanged business cards, and will follow up.   My head is a whir, I need to go now, still got the journey home to go, but mostly, my brain cannot take any more in!   I never got back to speak with the ladies on the networking meet up in more detail… Heck, just too many people in one room!   It was a frenzy of people scoping people scoping people, it was all a bit mad on that front, but one to one conversations, away from the madness was awesome.     Roll on the next one! Special thanks go to Clare Fielder for the afternoon of networking, to Melanie Bundock and Inga Deksne for arranging the Peri-Meet-Up to coincide after, and to Tibits for the venue, it really was a great event. I will add some photo's of the event on here soon…!  Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinyoutubeinstagram