My focus is as an encaustic wax artist, however, I do paint in a great many styles and mediums, it depends on what mood takes me on a particular day!    One week I feel the need to be drawing in pencil, minute detail of ivy leaves on a tree and precise angles of a building, the next week, I am slapping wax onto a canvas with wild abandon in a loose abstract style, I find it a therapeutic to experience the contrast between the different styles and keeps my art experience fresh.

I try to keep one thing constant and have each piece reflect a light and airy feel, it is that which stirs my soul.

You can see some of my other work of seascapes and buildings which I create in between for me, for fun.

My children, niece, nephews, friends and family's children are often enthused by my artwork and viewing it on line.  They proudly show me their works of art, so I have added a link to their own Kids Corner here to share with you, masterpieces from the age of three and up!