A summary of my experience each year I have done Herts Open Studios….   Herts Open Studios - September 2014 I now share a studio with paper pulp artist Angela Paola Rossi.   We will be doing Open Studios in September of this year together, hopefully with a few other artists too, watch this space… !   Herts Open Studios - September 2013  Faye Mawhood & I opened together, we had an amazing month!   You can read my blog about how we got on in 2013 here… http://julieanns.wpengine.com/herts-open-studios-september-2013/ Thank you to each and everyone who took time out to come and visit us.   If you had intended to come along, but didn't get around to it, still feel free to contact me.    You can view a PDF version of the brochure here.   Herts Open Studios - September 2012

My first ever Open Studios; Denise Purdy, Emma Franc & I had a wonderful launch party, exhibiting in The Stables Studios reception area.  The Stables had an excellent Open Day on Sunday 9th September to promote their art courses, there were hundreds of people there, the weather was brilliant and we met so many interesting people.   As for the other six days we were open, we had 83 visitors, we shared stories, made contacts, ate lots of cake, drank lots of tea and met artists, models, actors and printers, it's amazing what you don't know about a person until you start talking to them!   I found the whole process utterly exhilarating and completely exhausting at the same time.  As a result of this Open Studios I sold a number of prints and originals, was asked to do a private commission and was invited to other exhibit my work in other exhibitions.

Here are a few of the comments taken from our Visitors Book...

"Wonderful afternoon!  Fabulous work from so many people!" "A really enjoyable visit seeing different techniques" "It was very good and helped me a lot" (Young teenager studying for GCSE's) "Lovely place and lovely exhibition of work.  Nice contrasts - very welcoming" "Really enjoyed this show - Thanks" "Beautiful work both painting and drawing.  Keep up the good work!" "Loving the encaustic wax!   Will be buying a whole set!!" "A brilliant selection of work.  Well done.  Plus a good mug of tea!!" "So wonderful to come and see you at last!   Such enthusiasm abounds."

I am entry 8a in this PDF brochure, or you can see photographs of the event here.